Malliyoor Vinayaka Chathurthi

Vinayaka Chathurthy, the day on which Lord Vinayaka was created by Goddess Parvathy, is observed with great fervour and devotion at Malliyoor. Vinayaka Chaturthy falls on the fourth day of the waxing moon (suklapakshm) in the month of Bhadra/Chingam (August-September). The bountiful Loard Sidddhi Vinayaka confers all blessings and grants all wishes to the devotee on that day.

According to puranas, those who observe the moon that day will bring infamy upon themselves. Special poojas, observances and fasts are held at the Malliyoor temple on Vinayaka Chathuruthy, to pay obeisance to the Lord of Wisdom and Grace.

The festivities include special poojas like Ashtadravya Ganapathy Homam, Kazhcha Sreebali, Mahaprasadamoottu, the worship of elephants (Gaja Pooja) and Music concerts.

Malliyur Mandalam Makara Vilakku Chirappu

The special holy rituals held at Malliyur during Mandala Makara Vilakku season from 1st of Vrischikam to 1st of Makaram is known as Chirappu. During Mandala season elaborate arrangements are made at Malliyur temple for Sabarimala pilgrims to rest and having food. The Malliyur temple is known for anna-danam (offering meals). Advance reservations can be made Chirappu which is performed with special pujas including purna-pushpanjali, deeparadhana and niramala. Devotees can remit required fees at the temple for offering anna-danam.

Malliyur Ganesha Sangeetholsavam

Ganesha Sangeetholsavam is a 60 day long music festival beginning 1st of Vrischikam every year and it is customary for renowned artists to participate in the musical concert. No other place of worship in India offers such a long musical tribute as at Malliyur as Lord Ganesha is considered to be obsessed with music and dance. And one can come across several dancing postures of Lord Ganesha and also of playing veena across India. The famed singer Tansen has written several drupads in praise of Lord Ganesha. It is believed that by paying musical tribute to Lord Ganesha at Malliyur one can achieve prosperity, good health and accomplishes one’s own wishes. Artists can perform as a musical tribute and devotees can do so as an offering.

Malliyur Bhagavata Saptaha Yajnam ?

Every year during the Malayalam month of Makaram a Bhagawata Saptaha Yajnam is held at Malliyur on the Moolam day to celebrate the birthday of Malliyur Thirumeni. And during all the days of Yajnam, prasada oottu and an elaborate sadya is offered to the devotees to celebrate the birthday of Malliyur Thirumeni.


The eight day long Thiruvutsavam is one of the main attractions of Malliyur temple and every year it concludes on the Vishu day with a colorful aarattu. The aarattu takes place by taking out a colorful procession in the accompaniment of caparisoned elephants to Subramanya Swami temple at Eravimangalam, a kilometer away from the temple. During the Thiruvutsavam festival devotees can offer Utsava Bali and Sribhuta Bali for 6 days at a stretch.

Bhagawatha Prabhashanam and Aghanda Naama Japam

The much popular Bhagawatha Prabhashanam and Aghanda Naama Japam are regularly held at the temple on second Sundays of every month.

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